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Neuroscience of Advertising uses advanced knowledge of the inner workings of the brain to assess and improve your marketing messages. We have developed a proprietary, analytical method called NeuroADjust. The method predicts what will be accepted or rejected by the brain’s natural processing systems. These systems include unconscious processing streams of the visual, auditory and emotional regions of the brain. Employing neuroscience research regarding the innate behavior of these brain systems, we create recommendations that are designed to ensure that your ad engages the unconscious mind with safety, trust and reward. Our innovative method can dramatically increase advertising response, sales and brand recognition in all mediums.


The NeuroADjust analysis can be applied to print, radio, TV, video, websites, social media, direct response and digital ads to determine the impact your advertising messages have on:

  • Visual systems searching images, colors, words, phrases and facial expressions

  • Auditory systems searching words, sounds, music, voice tone and voice intonation

  • Emotional systems searching for pleasure, reward and safety


Most emotional decisions about what to purchase are made in the first three to five seconds of exposure to marketing messages. In fact, the human brain is estimated to process around 40 million bits of information every second. This means that your ads are being rapidly and comprehensively analyzed by your audience in the first few moments of exposure. Even small discrepancies or interruptions of natural flow can derail the entire message.  Our brain’s various systems use different procedures to search for reward while keeping a suspicious eye out for anything potentially negative. When suspicions are aroused, unconscious emotions reject the message at hand. We specialize in how to identify and address these disruptive elements.


We develop a unique, customized report that addresses the elements in your ad one-by-one, offering creative adjustments and recommendations. Your messages should capture attention, be retained in memory, register novelty and prompt purchase intent – all without offending the emotions. Our predictions provide actionable insights into how you can accomplish these objectives. The analysis emphasizes the following concerns:

  • The brain’s unconscious reward center, searching for pleasure, food, sex and survival

  • The positioning of branding, images and words, placing them where the visual system will find them effortlessly

  • Grabbing the consumer’s attention at the beginning and leaving them with an impulsive call to action

  • Predicting the effects of sharp edges, angles and straight lines

  • Removing images or phrases communicating fear

  • Replacing words with multiple meanings or that lack authenticity

  • Removing extraneous words or imagery that are out of context with the message

  • Restructuring creative novelty that is lacking in directness and comprehensibility

  • Message clarity to both genders, various cultural backgrounds, and targeted audience



  • Send us up to 5 ads and we will send you a quote

  • Your first trial ad analysis is free

  • Pricing may vary based on message size, number of images, and word content


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