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Accurate insight into consumer response is difficult because it is largely inaccessible through personal introspection. Your customers cannot put the impact of your messages into words, but we can. The application of our innovative process helps advertisers and marketers position brands to avoid costly pitfalls and consistently connect with the power of human emotion and unconscious impulses. As a result, marketers are able reduce costs, increase brand growth and enhance consumer loyalty across target groups.


Joe Cirillo
Director of Marketing

Phone: 310-795-1045

Joe is a marketing entrepreneur and co-founder of Cooper Rand in New York City. His innovation transformed credit card billing statements into a new advertising medium for merchandise and membership offers. He authored a bestselling book, "It's Your Time" on how to organize the space you live and work in, which was favorably reviewed by O Magazine and other national publications. He has conducted research with evolutionary psychologists and neuroscientists on how human instincts influence buying decisions. His entrepreneurial spirit is focused on how advertisers and marketers can engage consumer response to increase sales.

Jared is a researcher and author who has published several peer-reviewed journal articles on subjects such as cognitive neuroscience, the emotional brain, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s and autism. He holds a Ph.D. in brain and cognitive sciences from USC, as well as Master’s degrees in clinical psychology and research psychology. He has experience in decision making research, questionnaire design, neuroanatomy, cognitive neuroscience, MRI and EEG. His knowledge and expertise has been applied to the development of the proprietary analysis method.

Jared Reser
Chief Scientist

Phone: 818-425-2340

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